e-commerce Registration


The Mission e-commerce registration is for existing vendors. ​If you signed with us in the past, please feel free to follow the instruction in the following page in order to sign up to our e-commerce website. 

If you have never registered with us, please fill out our Vendor's Registration. 

Please note, Vendor's registration and e-commerce website are two separate​ processes, however, both required. 


The Mission's e-commerce website is a ​​new site that the Israeli MOD has launched with the goal of computerizing the procurement process to make it more efficient.  

With this first stage of our transition to e-commerce, you will be able to view RFPs and POs issued to your company (and a description of all other RFPs)  and check invoice statuses. Our second stage of the transition will enable you to download and fill out RFPs and sign POs online.


In order for you to be able to benefit from the online process (e-commerce), all POCs from your company will have to register for our e-commerce website. Each user name corresponds to an individual with secure  sign-in ability.

To become an e-commerce user, please send us a letter on your company's letterhead with the following details:

1. Financial email address for the company - to be used for all future financial related activities

2. General email address for the company - to be used for all future procurement related activities

3. List all company users (sales persons, accounts, managers, etc.)  including first name, last name, phone number and email address

4. Cage code (commercial and government entity code) ​

You may email us at ny-vendoradmin@mod.gov.il

If you prefer mailing the letter, please send it to:

MOD Mission to the U.S.

ATTN Vendors:

800 2nd Ave.

11th FL

New York, NY 10017