Shipping Istructions

The information provided below is applicable only to shipments supplied/shipped from within the US. ​For the full version, please read Shiping Information and Instruction in our RFPs and POs forms.


Each shipment must consist of only one purchase order (PO).

Materials must be packed in accordance with best commercial practice.

Freight greater than 150 ibs. must be skidded or otherwise packaged.

Do not purchase insurance for The Mission's benefit.


1. 2 copies of itemized invoice including total shipment value, line items and line's value and description. These must be attached to the outside of each piece.  

2. 1 copy must be included inside each piece.

3. PO number must appear on carrier's bill of lading (pro bill) as well as on all other documents.

4. Failure to comply with one or all of the above may result in a shipment refusal.

Carrier Selection

Following is a list of all SPECIAL MATERIALS. All other materials will considiered standard materials:

Full truckloads, Air ride, Oversized, Overweight (more than 10,000 ibs.), HazMat, Dry ice, Short shelf life, Classified, Sensitive (engines, computers, assembled weapons, precious metal, shipments under FAS, C&F, and CIF terms of delivery or shipments outside of the US.

Specific instructions must be obtained for all special materials.

Standard materials will be shipped to our warehouses choosing The Mission's freight forwarders that will be selected according to weight. Information will be provided in the PO shipping instructions.