Our Mission

The Government of Israel -  Ministry of Defense -  Mission  to  the U.S. ("the Mission")  will be the entity within the Defense  Ministry  responsible for  executing all  procurement  activity in North America and will be the subject matter expert  for all issues related to the use of Foreign Military Financing. 

The  Mission  will  foster  strong  ties  with  our   U.S.  Government   counterparts  to  ensure  the  strengthening  of the  Israel  Defense  Force (IDF) and to  improve the IDF's operational readiness during times of calm and crisis. 

The Mission seeks to achieve the procurement goals set by the Government of Israel - Ministry of Defense consistent with the regulations of the U.S. Government.  Israel, as a participant in U.S. Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs, fully complies with U.S. Government guidelines for the use of FMF and FMS.

​The Mission has a number of responsibilities with regard to the procurement process:

  • Maintaining and strengthening IDF operational capabilities through the use of FMF funded procurements in the US.
  • Involvement in discussions with US officials on US Security Assistance for Israel
  • Administrative services to Israeli Defense establishment personnel in the U.S.
  • Rehabilitation services for injured IDF veterans.


Some of the Mission's activity involves:

  • Responsibility for an annual budget of US$3.1 billion: approximately 20% of the annual Israeli defense budget.              
  • Processing more than 5,000 Purchase Orders annually.
  • Transporting approximately 66,000 shipping lots annually.
  • Processing over 37,000 invoices.